The Earth Brothers

The Earth brothers were wondering souls. Traveling here and there in search of lost famed treasures. All the way to their end. The twins Geo and Cache were the first to be taken by the Arizona desert. Poor Cache fell down a hole, sadly pulling in his twin brother behind him. Bob was the only one left. With a heavy heart he retrieved his brothers and buried them close to their camp. Legend has it that once Bob was finished he gathered all the treasures, gold, and money they had horded and buried that somewhere else in the desert. When he was found, a stone next to his skeleton read, “Take my skull, follow the line of brothers, take our treasures before the desert takes you!”

GC Cemetery(GC8ZCQJ)

The bodies of the twins have been found at a little cemetery close to Brenda, Arizona. Their heads, missing, lost to the desert. Rumors say that the skulls of all 3 brothers lead to a treasure beyond all imagination. 

The Earth Brothers

Today Bobs’ skull travels around still searching for lost caches and can be found here. At one point all 3 skulls were reunited but little is known after that. Search for the twins and see what you can find.

Geo & Cache
Geo Earth
Cache Earth