Shadows Gaming Consortium

Due to budget cuts the SGC project has been put on hold.

The Shadows Gaming Consortium was founded in 2016 with the goal of joining the lost and abandoned family of gamers. With the epic release of Lineage 2 Revolution on Android the SGC started out as a small group of noobs in a new mmorpg. This small group of misfit plays grew to become one of the top 25 clans in the world. With the help of a little known app called Discord we set the world stage for gaming communications and community. As our clan grew so did our use of Discord to keep organized on a daily basis. But after a strong 2 year run life started to have its problems for all involved. Over the course of a few months the family made their way to other irl things or other games. We do chat from time to time and all hope that one day the family can unite again to dominate the boards of yet another epic adventure.