There has been a long time love for treasure hunting and today we now have a next gen verson in Geocaching. Explore the world around you and find all kinds of caches from small as a marble to the large and in charge Tardis(yes, there is one). Starting this summer(2020) DesertGuru has joined in on the fun and will be placing cashes around the Brenda/Quartzsite, Arizona areas. As they get placed and posted a list will be available here of the caches and trackables belonging to DesertGuru.

More information about Geocaching is available at

And remember, “Leave it better then you found it.” CITO 😉


Search caches here.

General Caches:

Brenda Cop Stop – GC8ZP7Q

The Cowboys’ Stash – GC8ZR8H

Global Positioning System BAZ01 – GC909BT

The Earth Brothers Storyline:

GC Cemetery – GC8ZCQJ

Geos’ Skull – GC90584

Caches’ Skull – GC9058M


Track them here.

DesertGuru T.B.D.T – TB9FZMA

The Pirate DesertGuru – TB9CKR4

Pirate DesertGuru’s pet parrot, Jack. – TB9D17F

Pirate DesertGuru’s GeoGem A1 – TB9CNJM

First to Find Geocoin – TB9JZXR